About us

3DM is an international company that was founded by architects. We strive to utilize the latest technologies and highest standards of our sector in order to meet the demanding requirements of successful 3D computer visualization. Responsibility and service, quality and price, and creativity and efficiency are our principal concerns. We have been renewing and revisiting these objectives since 1998—pushing the limits towards excellence every day, looking for and exploring new markets and competitive challenges.

Our history

In early 1998, architects Mauro Candreva, Juan Martin Cid and Mariano Pizá graduated from the National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and together created 3DM with the hope of establishing a unique and original environment within which they would combine all of their collective previous experience, and share and develop their ideas. They very quickly realized that opportunities for development and professional growth could be unlimited, thanks to their teamwork, continuous training and collective creative force. In very little time, 3DM placed in the first line of Real Estate Marketing Services and 3D Visualization as one of the leading companies, both nationally and internationally.

Our philosophy

At 3DM we face each new project with the confidence and dependability that our years of collective experience provide, and also with the assurance and support that our multidisciplinary teamwork offers. Architects, 3D artists, graphic designers, and creatives in film and TV make up the different working groups, altogether armed with extensive knowledge and skills. Each project is embarked upon under the guidance of a Project Manager, who seamlessly guides the development of each stage, from start to finish. This assures the client that 3DM is a full partner in each project, as the Project Manager has studied and knows the precise details of a project from start to finish. This translates into only one example of how 3DM provides unique, unparalleled service and a 100% consistent final product—without cost overruns or errors in execution.