How it works

3D Rendering and Animation Production

Each project is individually treated and developed

A Project Manager (PM) is responsible for each project from beginning to end, heading up an interdisciplinary production team that is familiar with each stage of a project down to its smallest detail. The PM receives, studies and processes the information provided concerning the new project. On the same day, a detailed report is sent to the client requesting any missing information necessary for the commencement of the project and / or spelling out any questions or concerns before the project begins.

Once we have all the information in our hands, the production process begins. During this stage, the customer is in close contact with his PM—his collaborator—using any means that the client prefers: email, phone, chat (Skype), etc.

First, preliminary images are sent to the client, before the PM reviews and supervises their execution. The client verifies the model, camera angles, and materials proposed. Upon receipt of comments addressing these preliminary 3D images, the production stage begins, with corrections and adjustments taking place as necessary to ensure excellence in the allover design and process and the satisfaction of the customer’s specific requirements.

The final product is sent to the client on the agreed-upon date, in the format requested, to ensure a perfect outcome. This entire stage of the process is constantly being reviewed and checked by the PM, who gives their final OK before closing the production cycle.

Our Process

  • 01

    We receive and study the basic information necessary for putting together and sending a budget that complies with your needs and requirements.

  • 02

    We analyze and process the information, and make time projections for the delivery of images and/or 3D animations contracted.

  • 03

    We generate preliminary images for choosing camera positions and/or story board designs, while at the same time correcting and editing the model.

  • 04

    New preliminary 3D images are sent to the client, this time showing the materials, finishes, lighting, environment and vegetation.

  • 05

    The images and/or 3D animations are completed within the time stipulated, and surpassing the quality anticipated, thereby closing the production cycle.