A friendly work atmosphere

November 15, 2012
Here at 3DM we believe that the success in the final product of our work, being renderings or animations, is not only the result of a technological and technical hability.   We are conviced that a favorable work ambient, where each person of our stuff feels comfortable in every sense, incentivates and boosts up all the members of our company to work in a more efficient way. This is why we strongly work in taking good and special care of our human resources.   We pay attention in the good communication among every member of the company, whenever we pass on a new project, project changes or adjustments or when we have internal meetings to improve our working capacity.   Music, good mood, birthday celebrations, breakfasts or lunchs to celebrate any personal achievement are always an excelent excuse to cut the day and relax.   Far from affecting the stuff professional responsibilities in a bad way, having this friendly work atmosphere enhances personal capacities and make bonds stronger between all members of the working group.