3DM´s new production at "Costa Atlántica"

April 22, 2013
With the arrival of the summer season the amount of projects in the Atlantic Coast ( Arg ) and Punta del Este ( Uy ) was highly increased.   A great example is Zentiva. Strategically located at Pinamar´s access point, this project developed by BMA architects is one of the most important projects in the area: two and three bedroom apartments with luxury amenities along with hotel, restaurant, commercial stores and exposition showroom.   For this project we developed 8 renderings, 4 exteriors and 4 interiors. The high-res images were delivered within 15 days of work and produced by a 3 artists team.   The images we were hired to produced should reflect the spirit of the project´s slogan: "Do Nothing, Live everything". The renderings should show a modern young living style, in close connection with the natural environment the site offers. Nature was to be present in each detail and every rendering.   [caption id="attachment_6745" align="aligncenter" width="1028"]3DM en la Costa Atlantica Zentiva renderings[/caption]