Pros of hiring a 3D company

June 29, 2013
We are living in a very globalized world, where you can have easy access to the latest software and hardware technologies. Following this fact you could say that anyone would be able to produce a rendering at home. This is partialy true.   Now, if this is so, why would you hire a company like 3DM?   First of all is the support a company with 3DM´s experience can offer. We are able to guarantee that every issue agreed when hiring us, timeline, quality, style, will all be acomplished exceeding the expected. A not small matter is the production capacity that will shorten production times without meaning a loss in the rendering or animation quality.   A critical issue uses to be the deadlines. A company like 3DM does not depend in a single computer or person to perform what´s been hired, therefore we have full backup and resposibility over what´s being produced to be delivered always on time.   Last but not least, a company has the potentiality of taking huge scale jobs, which will require inmense hardware and software structures as well as the experience and knowledge to carry those projects on. Big projects like video 3d animations can only be done by companies like 3DM.