International Thermometer

December 06, 2013
Now that the international economic crisis has passed through the real estate markets around the world are begining to rise from the ashes and 3DM starts to recieve the proportional workflow according to the awakening of the markets.   USA clients were the first ones to slow the rythm in the renderings and animations production but are also the first ones to start requireing them back. The american companies are needing again renderings and animations for their single family homes, townhomes and urban developments.   In europe the situation is similar but the process is going a bit slower, but still moving forward and trying to find new ways to expand the 3D resources into new markets besides the real estate. Advertising, education, engineering, industrial design and even medicine are only some of the new areas where to develop our 3D products.   It´s important to stress that the emerging markets are pushing with huge investments and developments the rise of the real estate business. Those markets are also eager to boost up their projects with real estate marketing tools. Southamerica, Centralamerica, Asia and Africa are the potential receptors of the international investmen.   In this world without frontiers and highly globlized 3DM plays a leading role and is able to receive and manage projects from the classical markets and to work along with the growth of the new markets and business branches.