Production Power

August 03, 2014
The production power a company like 3DM is able to offer is strongly connected to the scale and amount of projects the company can handle at the same time.   To have a reliable hardware and stuff is of vital importance. In order to handle and deliver every single project in time and quality to have a R-farm is a must. An R-farm is a set of computers ( 2 or more ) that work simultaneously. in rendering one or many renderings or animations. The R-farms are a great solution to render huge size images too because it allows you to render it in strips without crashing the system.   High end animations can only be performed by companies that are able to handle an efficient R-farm, otherwise 3d animations like Tortugas Open Mall or Technopolo would be impossible to be produced.   After the rendering process is finished it´s the moment to move to the Post production stage, always with the use of special software for this stage. Computers have to be updated so that the latest postproduction software can run properly and to the best of their possibilities.