3DM broadcasts at Youtube

April 03, 2016
Being in internet is not enough by itself... nowadays you need your company to be connected, sharing infromation and experience in online forums, creating new material, publishing news, updating images and videos and of course using social networks too.   The best working site to broadcast all these growing content is of course youtube.com, that´s why it´s been 3 years now since we uploaded our first video, an interior animation walkthrough of an apartment. Today we have a channel of our own:www.youtube.com/3dmdigital, with more than 25 3d animations, some of them in HD format.   Youtube brings to small companies the opportunity to publish and share their products, allowing to reach new clients and contacts around the globe. A couple of highlights about this site: youtube owns 45% of the videos downloads in the US with more than 72million of users and over 100 million monthly downloads.   This being said, if your company´s interest is to reach more and more people in the US, and therefore more consumers, this is your site.   3DM en Youtube