Horizontal Office buildings (renderings)

April 10, 2016
On last tuesday´s (August 9th - 2011) architecture section of Clarin newspaper edition we can find a project designed by the Mario Roberto Alvarez and Associates architecture firm. 3DM was involved in the creation of various renderings for several stages of the design process.   It was in the early days of August 2007 when we received the new office building project to work on. Due to the scale of the project it was almost a small urban intervention.   The project has a central axis dividing symmetrically 2 blocks of office buildings sharing common spaces in the ground floor. These blocks have glass facades that were deeply worked during the rendering process for them to show an accurate finish, color and reflection in their glass surfaces.   When the architecture firm designed this office complex they aimed to build an efficient space combining work, relax, leisure and business and therefore achieve a successful product.   Oficinas Horizontales (renders)