Who am I selling to? That is the question ...

June 15, 2016
One of the questions we usually ask, and which we believe every one of our customers should ask, is, who is the audience I want to reach? The answer to this simple question appears as we discover valuable information when we begin to think about the art and appropriate aesthetics for each project, and this informs us about how to proceed selling it. Will our buyers be young people or older people? Should we convey something modern and contemporary or would they prefer to see something more classic? Will the focus be on the natural outdoor environment or on the interior spaces? Shall we use warm, native materials or do our clients want to see more urbane, hard-edged contemporary materials? After all, the aim of any sales tool is to provoke an initial connection or empathy in the potential buyer with that "special thing," and therefore incite the buyer to want to be identified with the symbol that that "thing" emanates.