3D Art and Mass Production

May 18, 2011
Sketches, handmade outlines and perspectives production, the architectural representation itself, has always been bounded to architects´ and designers´ artistic inspiration and therefore its link with the art expression has been indisputable. New technologies, real estate market rushes, impossible deadlines and modern man´s anxiety have threatened this fact, leaving in the hands of real estate businessmen the artistics decisions with the already known devastating result.   The right use of the real estate marketing tools is not only the accurate technical use of the software, it is also the way you can handle them in order to assure that the architects´, designers and developers ideas are truly represented. Renderings, 3D animations, 3D floor plans or Virtual Tours are not responsible at all for the success or failure of a project´s launching campaign. Responsibility relies in the hands of the professionals in charge of its production, always aiming to underline each project´s virtues. We are being a main actor in the switch from the old tools of the architectural visualization such as watercolor paintings, color pencil drawings and hand sketches into the new 3D Renderings and Animations era. This change should never mean resigning the search of the artistic features within the architectural visualization.   At the same time, the new technologies for the real estate 3D visualization virtues must never neglect quality and excellency of the final product. These virtues of the new technologies are the enhanced production speed, maximum levels of realism achieved in final images, multiple possibilities for the applications, flexibility for adjustments and corrections within fast turnaround times, among many others.  On the contrary, these virtues should help to improve the main feature of the use of new 3D technologies: achieving the best image quality, even more real than reality itself.   We are committed to take up again this apparently lost struggle and renew this challenge in each new project we are responsible for. In order to reach the most shocking and realistic graphic result of a development we must bring its best features to the top and boost its virtues up, and once again, not forgetting about the real estate context and demands, as well as the artistic implications of our profession