Typological Renderings: Airports

January 13, 2014
An airport is one of the most challenging projects our team is ready to receive.   The first important issue to care about is the scale of the project because it may vary from a small urban airport to a huge international airport with multipe wings and terminals.   A very important aspect to care about are the camera angles to be choosen, fundemental issue in any project is in the airport projects even more crucial. Due to the size of the project it´s imperious for us to work and model only the areas to be shown and not be waisting times of production in areas not to be shown.   Just like any other typological rendering ( Homes, Retail, etc ) there are several items to work in detail to obtain a great Rendering. Airplane models to be according to the type of airport, companies to whom they belong, support equipment typical in airports, control towers, wheeled stairs, suitecase carring cars, etc.   In the exterior images of airports it´s good to give a deep work to the pavings designs and details, such as lines in the landing runways and plane parkings.   For the interior images we need to have a fully developed signs system to apply to banners, lcd screens and signs all over the sitting areas, lobbies, boarding, duty free shops.   To give the final touch of realism people to be placed in the images have include the travel props anyone would use: suitecases, bags, travel boxes, papers in hands, jackets.